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Images of alleged giant human skeletons are altered

Pictures in a Facebook group for flat earth conspiracy theorists claim to show images of colossal skulls remains. Shared as alleged proof that gigantic human beins once roamed the planet, these pictures have been altered and are part of an Internet fake news hoax that has been around for more than 15 years. 

Two Facebook pictures were shared allegedly authentic videos of giant skeletons can be found  here and here in a group called “Ancient Giant Tree Truth.” 

Fact Check, the group speak to a belief among Flat Earthers, conspiracy theorists who contend that our planet is not a globe but a flat surface (here), that “real” trees no longer exist.

conspiracy contend not only that “the trees we see now are small ersatz versions of giant, 20-mile-high trees that used to exist on earth in ancient times,” as related in a Quartz article here , but also that giants who once roamed the earth were the ones who cut them down

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