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Tik Toker Sells Human Bones For A Living (Video)

What would we do if we didn't have TikTok? The platform has it all: viral challenges, songs, drama, and an entirely own lexicon. However, TikTok isn't all that entertaining. An account dedicated to the sale of human bones, for example!? Whew.

Jon Ferry's account is the one in dispute. JonsBones is the company's founder and CEO. He literally sells human bones from "responsibly sourced" sources...

JonsBones is a company established in Brooklyn, New York that sells human bones to anyone who wants them.

"The capacity to examine skeletal remains is typically assumed to be unique to individuals in laboratory or historical professions," according to the website, "but JonsBones seeks to make this information accessible to anyone."

JonsBones carries a wide range of bones, including clavicles, femurs, and even fetal skulls. You might be wondering how much a human bone costs. Some minor bones cost less than $20, but a full skeleton can cost more than $6,000.

But don't worry, Jon isn't stealing tombs or killing people for their bones. The bones were passed on by the families of doctors and dentists who no longer wanted to preserve human remains in their homes, according to Jon.

The JonsBones TikTok account, as you can expect, is attracting a lot of attention. Jon flaunted "his pride and pleasure" - a wall covered in human spines – in one video. In another, he proudly displayed his collection of "unique" bones, which included a 21-week-old fetus's skull. Jon, who joined TikTok in February 2020 and has over 455,400 followers, has been answering inquiries from users who are unsure if the business is ethical or even legal.

Watch Tik Tok video here :

However, it appears that everything is legal. There is no federal law forbidding the ownership, sale, or possession of human osteology in the United States. It is, however, prohibited in the states of Louisiana, Georgia, and Tennessee.


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