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Skin Care

Demodex, The Creature That Lives On Human Eyelashes

A small mite known as a Demodex is found in or around the hair follicles of animals. Only two species, Demodex brevis and Demodex follicellorum, have been found out of about 65 total species discovered. Eyelash mites, face mites, and skin mites are various names for the same parasite that lives on the eyelashes.

What is their residence?

Considering that Demodex dwells in skin pores as well as hair follicles, it is not surprising that it may be discovered on the cheeks, nasolabial fold, brows, external ear canal, forehead and, in the majority of cases, at the roots of eyelashes.

Exactly what is it that they eat?

This is the viscous oil that the skin generates to protect itself and keep it from drying out that they feed off of.

What is their method of reproduction?

Male and female Demodex both have genital openings, making them asexual. When the follicle entrance is opened, mating takes place, and the eggs are deposited within the hair follicles or sebaceous glands. Generally speaking, the larvae hatch in about 3-4 days, and they mature into adults in about 7 days.

Demodex signs and symptoms

Itchy or scaly skin, as well as abrupt increased roughness of the skin and a burning feeling are also common symptoms.

Determination of Demodex's cause and therapy

Using a tiny sample of follicular tissues and oils from your face, you may determine if you have Demodex or not. The existence of these mites will be determined by taking a skin sample and examining it under a magnifying glass.

Some home remedies can aid in the removal of demodex as well as the prevention of their further dissemination.

Wash your eyelashes gently with tea tree oil before using tea tree oil to destroy any eggs that may have remained.

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