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5 Mysterious Objects Even the Scientists can not Explain

enormous footprint

The two enormous footprints were discovered near Ain Dara, Syria, and there is also one small footprint cut into the threshold.

You'll be surprised by these feet's size; it's roughly equivalent to three human feet. About 10 meters separate the footprint on the threshold from the one in the picture above.

Stone ball, sphere

This object, which is 10 feet broad and shaped like a huge ball, can be found in a Bosnian woodland. Scientists are still unsure whether nature or ancient humans constructed this artefact. According to specialists, there are multiple similar balls in this location that date back millions of years.


This location, which is also referred to as the birthplace of the gods, is in Mexico not far from Mexico City. One of Mexico's most well-liked tourist destinations was once a large historic city home to more than 100,000 inhabitants. Today, only tourists visit this location to learn more about it.

dwelling for fairies

This location in Sardinia, Italy, is quite interesting despite not being very well-known. These homes are appropriate for fairies rather than people, which explains their name. Experts estimate that the houses are around 6000 years old.

Italy is known for its fascinating landscapes and innumerable architectural landmarks.

Iwafune no Masuda

There are many interesting spots to visit in Japan, but this one has scientists genuinely baffled. Such carved stones with square holes may be found at Asuka, as well as other locations throughout this region. They were created by people who lived in this area in the distant past, but the reason why is still a mystery.

The Bacchus temple

This enigmatic undertaking was built in Baalbek at the start of the first millennium CE. Although the exact antiquity of this building is yet unknown, it can be dated to the second century.

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Ain Dara Bosnian Syria


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