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VIDEO|"I didn't think ahead" A Guy Burned a Mouse ALIVE and it ran to burn other stuff see REACTIONS

Mice are small rodents with pointed noses, furry round bodies typical animal that annoys people, house mice are considered dangerous and destructive pests. Because they carry and transmit bacteria and other diseases, mice are considered to be troublesome pests. They are commonly responsible for causing damage to personal property for example Mice will destroy belongings, chew drywall and even gnaw on electrical wiring. Some of the reasons why people end up killing it, if they see one in their house. 

Even though people don't like mice but they play a very important role in the universe, mice are extremely useful for studying complex diseases because humans and mice share many common genetic features and by examining the physiology, anatomy, and metabolism of a mouse, scientists can gain a valuable insight into how humans function.  

Just like this guy made a big mistake by burning a mice alive, this guy went on Twitter to share a video burning a mouse, his Twitter handle is @VoysZA and he captioned his post "I didn't think ahead, where there's paraffin there's fire" according to the video people were having a party at their house, one guy was indoors and he bumps into a mouse, he quickly fetched a bottle of paraffin and he pours it to the mice and light it up. the mice got frightened by the fire on its body surely it was in pain and it ran away, unfortunately, it ran to a kraal, well you know a kraal always have dried grass that is feed to animals, the mice got to the kraal and the kraal lighten up into big fire the rest is history.

This guy couldn't think before he acted, probably he never thought his actions were going to cause a problem, perhaps that was his karma you can't burn a living creature alive. I will leave out a link for you guys to go and watch the video and share your thought with me down below in the comment section. Don't forget to like, share with friends, and pretty please hit the follow button so you don't miss out on exclusive news.




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