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Top 12 Suprising Things Caught On Camera

Do not attempt this at home. 

I'm not sure who Jacob Riglin is, but he's the photographer who sat with his feet dangling from a building above Times Square for this snap. As beautiful as the image is, I'm sure it makes me and many others feel uneasy. 

In addition to being solitary, 

Nature has a weird way of working, as evidenced by the Emerald Lake in New Zealand, which is actually a body of water cratered in an extinct volcano. 

The storm's eye is captured by a pilot. 

From 32,000 feet in the air, Christiaan van Heijst captured photographs of a thunderstorm. That's not something you'll come across every day.

What caused this to happen? 

Here's a random chair in space while we're on the subject of 'up in the air.' Pay heed to the planet's curve, all you flat earth folks. To all the naysayers, I, too, am baffled as to why there is a chair in space, who felt compelled to picture it, and why. This year has seen enough odd things in space. 

Cloud of mammatus 

Is there anyone who can explain this phenomenon? So, since I promised unusual and mysterious, here's something that must have astonished a lot of locals. 

Clouds of Pearls 

Pearl clouds remind me of puddles of gasoline. I'm not sure why this happened, but someone was lucky enough to photograph it.

Glory of the Morning 

Morning Glory, captured in the Gulf of Carpentaria in Australia, is another unusual cloud on our list. Australia has a history of shocking us with snakes in the house, bizarre critters that don't belong in households, and now these clouds that appeared out of nowhere. 

Clear and crisp 

This photo was taken over Cappadocia, Turkey, of some hot air balloons. What's amazing about this photo is how the camera recorded every detail, from foreground to horizon, in a clean, clear, and colorful manner, as if it were from another planet.

With Harry Potter, everything always comes to a close. 

This photograph was published in a Zambian newspaper. It looks like Dementor, but let's be honest, we all know it's a fake. Don't be surprised if you start looking into this subject and find it in the lists. Even the most dependable sources aren't always trustworthy, and this list could use some Photoshop magic to end on a hilarious note.

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