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Check Out The Main Reasons Why Planes And Bird Don't Fly In Mecca

The Kaaba, usually referred to as Mecca, is located at the center of the Earth. There are no deviations or deformations in its position in the middle of the earth. There are magnetic charges in this area that are naturally pulled to the center of gravity. This is the first place you should go to see the sun rise in the morning.

Also because the Kaaba is the Earth's gravitational center for all of these reasons. Birds and even airplanes find it difficult to fly above the Kaaba because to the strong magnetic field.

Scientists say planes and birds can't fly over the Kaaba because of the attraction it creates. This explains why Mecca, Saudi Arabia, does not have an airport. For the same reason that there are more more bird species around it than above it, this also explains why the Kaaba gets little attention from birds.

It's important to keep in mind that the Kaaba is the source of all light on the planet. Allah's house in the sky (baytul Ma'mour), which is perpendicular to Allah's house here on earth (the Kaaba), receives light from the Kaaba, traveling across space and time to get there (the Kaaba on the ground).


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