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By looking at her body, people could not believe that she is only 21 (booty gifted)

There is huge different between people of today or this generation and the past generations. Back then by just looking at someone, one can guess if the person is how old or from which age range, young or adult.

Unfortunately with this generation because of genetic modified food, their body tend to grow fast and spead up every human body process. This days young ladies even starts to see their periods at the early age and experience all body development while they are still young.

Keabetswe is a South African social media influencer more especially on Twitter. This beautiful lady shared her picture celebrating her 21st birthday and many couldn't believe she's 21.

While many are busy wishing her the blessed birthday, they've noticed how her body developed and by the way it is, she looks little bit older.

Even some ladies couldn't believe that she was born in 2000. Astro Majesty "shared that As in she was born in 2000? I’m shocked. I thought she was around 26-27 years".

Anyway, we should advice these young girls to treat themselves nicely because strangers could attack them and take advantage of them.


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Keabetswe South African


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