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Amazed| See The South African Tree That Bleeds Like Humans, Here Is Why that Happens

Date: 16/04/21


The whole world has continuously had this debate of whether or not trees were alive. It was taught in some part of science that indeed trees are amongst the living things of this earth but humans have found it very hard to believe. This is because a tree doesn't move, cry or bleed when you cut it. This is the case with most trees found on earth. Researchers have blamed the issue of deforestation on the fact that humans find it hard to believe that trees are actually alive.

One of the few pieces of evidence that humanity has used to determine if something is alive is the seeing of blood. This is why this is why this particular tree in South Africa is very scary to cut down because it bleeds like a real human being if it is hurt. The tree is looked at as very sacred and it is not that easy to find it anywhere in the world, even in South Africa some people have never seen the tree with their own eyes.

The bloodwood tree that is scientifically called the Pterocarpus angolensis, no one ever uses that name except sciences though. This tree is native to South Africa but can be found in other places in Africa as well. When a single branch is cut, it will release tree sap that is very identical to the human blood. Even if one is to stab the tree with something, it will excrete tree sap that resembles that of the human blood.

This is how the tree has been for many years, it is one of the trees that is heavily respected by people as they feel that cutting it brings about bad luck in one’s life. The main reason for this blood-like sap is because of a chemical called "Tennis" that changes the colour of the sap to the red colour we all see. Without this chemical, the tree would be very ordinary as the rest of them. Although some people are afraid of cutting the tree it is used for many different things.

The most common use for the tree is to extract the blood-like sap and use it as ink to paint different artwork. The tree is also used to make guitars and any other instruments that need very good wood. The ones who actually know that their guitars are made out of this tree cherish them. So next time you're playing your guitar, just know a tree could have literally bled for you to have that guitar. So make sure the music you play on it is worth dying for.

What is your take on the matter? Have you ever seen this tree in real life? Do you think it's magical or is it a very scary tree to you? Do you think it actually brings bad luck to people when they cut it or is it a way to scare the public?

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