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6 Strange places on the planet where it seems like gravity doesn’t work


5 abnormal puts in the world where gravity doesn't work

Gravity is a power that holds us and everything on the outer layer of the earth. Newton propounded the law of gravity, according to which, there is a power of fascination. Be that as it may, there are odd spots all over the planet where this gravitational power doesn't appear to work. It could sound insane, however you should experience it in living color to really appreciate it. Here is a rundown of where gravity plays no part to play.


Secret Spot, Santa Cruz, California

The Mystery Spot in California is one of the numerous gravitational abnormalities that you will find all over the planet. Found in 1939, this spot was opened to general society in 1940. Inside the secret region, you will be stunned to observe that the laws of gravity really don't appear to work. It includes a 'secret shack' that looks like falling over, individuals are believed to stroll here in shifted position, and things appear to move uphill. You would have to witness it in person to really appreciate it.


Hoover Dam, Nevada, USA

Attempt this investigation assuming you at any point end up visiting the Hoover Dam in Nevada-pour water from a container over the dam. You will observer that as opposed to going down, water begins streaming vertical. The explanation for this is the extremely strong updraft that the construction of the dam makes, though the water is conveyed vertical by the breeze.


Attractive Hill, Ladakh, India

This little slope course, on the Leh-Kargil-Baltik public parkway, is known as the Magnetic Hill that can pull vehicles uphill. Some even say that planes passing this spot need to expand their elevation. Be that as it may, assuming you put your vehicle in unbiased, and switch off the motor, it will begin moving gradually all alone. While many have faith in the supernatural properties of this area, others are of the view that this is made as a result of the optical deception made by the area's format. Anything that be the explanation, seeing the vehicles continuing all alone is an interesting sight to observe.


The brilliant rock, Myanmar

This rock seems as though it will fall any second and is covered with gold. Notwithstanding, as a general rule, it has been staying there at similar spot for over 2500 years! The rock sits alongside a pagoda based on top of it at a stature of 49 ft.

According to the legends, the rock is held by Buddha's hair. Albeit the stone isn't fixed, it actually remains hanging with practically no help. It's accepted that the stone can be moved simply by a lady, which is the motivation behind why ladies aren't permitted to contact the stone.


Switch cascade, Faroe Islands

Envision a cascade not falling down. All things considered, there is one on the Faroe Islands, where the water appears to move up, i.e., opposing the law of gravity.

Truth be told, the cascade, rather than resisting gravity as the name proposes, goes topsy turvy when solid whirlwinds blows against the progression of the cascade. The optical deception that is made could take your breath away without a doubt assuming you are seeing it interestingly.


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