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SpaceX lands a Starship, and it didn't explode this time

Following a few tests which finished on fire, SpaceX indeed sent its Starship heavenward prior to endeavoring to land it back on Earth in one piece on Wednesday. 

Starship SN15 dispatched from SpaceX's Boca Chica office in Texas and climbed 10km into the sky before it began its flat plunge. When the drop was in part total the rocket would play out an arrival flip move in anticipation of landing. 

With the last four Starship tests finishing severely for the rocket, the SN15 highlights various redesigns. 

"SN15 has vehicle upgrades across constructions, aeronautics and programming, and the motors that will permit more speed and proficiency all through creation and flight: explicitly, another improved flying suite, refreshed fuel engineering in the rearward skirt, and another Raptor motor plan and design," clarified SpaceX. 

SpaceX figured out how to take SN15 down back to Earth securely after its six moment long flight and it nailed the finish. Not long after handling a little fire broke out at the foundation of the space apparatus. 

"We have a little fire at the foundation of the vehicle," said head coordination engineer at SpaceX, John Insprucker. "Not strange for the methane fuel we're conveying as we keep on chipping away at the test vehicle plan." 

The fire was doused by water guns on the arrival cushion. 

As SpaceX plans to ship space travelers to the Moon this effective test will like stimulate the group as it gets ready for the following achievements. For one SpaceX should show that it can refuel the Starship vessel in circle and that it has engines equipped for landing Startship on the Moon. 

NASA desires to return people to the Moon by 2024 so there's some time yet to go. 

Up to that point we will appreciate the site of seeing rockets heading into the air and dream of the day when Insprucker reports Starship has arrived on the Moon.

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