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These X-Rays Had Doctors Scratching Their Heads

The X-ray is one of the greatest inventions of all time.The earliest X-rays were taken in 1895.C.The technology is used around the world.There are times when radiologists are used to seeing normal stuff like dark patches on lungs or broken bones.There are a lot of weird and wacky things that have been found on X-rays.

Is The First Time Peppa Pig Has Been Caught On X-Ray?

Two Bones Too Many Makes For An Interesting Toe X-Ray

Multiple Hyperdontia Looks Like A Modern Day Vampire's Mouth

SpongeBob SquarePants Goes Where No Sponge Has Gone Before

Some MRIs Are Better Off Never Seeing The Light Of Day

Sometimes A Citizen's Arrest Doesn't Always Go According To Plan.

Understanding How Conjoined Twins Are Attached And Where

An X-Ray Photobomber Is On The Loose At This Hospital

Work Place Accidents Happen All The Time But Not Like This

Nothing To See Here Except For A Swallowed Hair Clip

X-Rays After Surgeries Are A Must To Make Sure Nothing Is Forgotten

The Whole Kitten Caboodle Got Caught On Camera Or X-Ray

The Curve Of A Woman's Foot In High Heels Is Intense

But How Did The Light Bulb Get Up There?

What Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg?

What Does A Horse's Hoof Really Look Like When X-Rayed?

Staying Connected Takes On A Whole Different Meaning Here

The Milkshakes Bring All The Rings To The Yard

Take A Look At All Of Those Turtle Eggs

Goldfish Look Like Floating Dragons When X-Rayed

Scissors As A Tool For Cleaning Teeth Should Be Avoided

The First X-Ray Ever Taken Was Of A W. C. Röntgen's Hand

Marriage Proposals And Food Don't Always Go According To Plan

The Tale Of The Toothache, The Dentist, And The Nail.

Snowflakes And Digestive Tracts Are Not The Best Of Friends

Take A Guess, Any Guess At What This Animal Is

This Is How Food Travels Through A Snake's Long Body

Oftentimes The X-Ray Is Able To Tell The Entire Story

Be Careful Around Bows And Arrows Adults And Children

Electric Blankets Are Not Meant To Be Eaten By Snakes

Soldiers Are Trained To Withstand Anything Including Head Stab Wounds.

Sharp Objects Need To Be Kept Far Away From Puppies

Eating Cobblestones Is An Odd Way To Show Some Love

Keys Need To Be Kept Away From Babies

Bathtubs Should Have Built-In Handles And Here Is Why.

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Kitten Caboodle Modern Day Peppa Pig Whole X-Ray


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