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Skin Care

Fun Facts about the human body

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The human body never ceases to amaze, it is important that one takes care of it. There are so many facts about the human body that is not known by many thus it is true that you learn something new every day. Here are 5 facts about the human body.

1.Mites in your eyelashes

There are mites in your eyelashes, there are two types of these mites, Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis. These mites are so small you can only see the with the help of a microscope. They feed on dead skin cells. The dead skin cells they feed on are around your lashes and include your eye lids.

2 . A very long organ

Did you know that skin is the longest of the body, it makes about 16% or above of the whole body. An organ is made up of tissues that have different purposes. They do important life-supporting functions, for an example pumping your heart. Research shows that there are 79 organs in the body of a human and these organs all work together in sync for the human body to properly function. Skin is the longest organ because it covers the entire body of a human being.

3 . Humans develop from a butt

It is said that when a human embryo cell starts developing, the anus develops. When the embryo develops, there a deuterostomes that form a mouth called a blastospore. In humans this blastospore then becomes the anus.

4 . Two litres of saliva

Human beings produce about two litres of saliva daily. this would fill a swimming pool.

5 . Humans give off light

According to a Japanese study, humans are bioluminescent, though this light is far to faint to be seen by the naked eye.

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