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Meet The Tallest And Shortest nations In The World

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In this article, we take a look at the places on the world that have the tallest people. Do enjoy!

The tallest and shortest persons, as well as the regions that continue to climb in height, were revealed in a recent study published in The Lancet medical magazine.

Men and women's heights were compared in 200 nations and territories around the world as part of an extensive research project. The study included anthropometric measurements on 50 million persons aged 5–19 years and 15 million people aged 20–30 years from 2,181 population-based measuring surveys and studies.

The tallest men and women lived primarily in northwestern and central European countries, while the shortest lived in south and south-east Asia, Latin America, and East Africa, according to the findings.

The Netherlands is known for its tall people, and it's no surprise that the country boasts the world's highest average height. The average height of a 19-year-old man is 183 cm, whereas the average height of a 19-year-old woman is 172 cm.

For men, Estonia (180 cm), Bosnia and Herzegovina (179 cm), and Montenegro (172 cm) came in second, followed by Denmark (165 cm), Iceland (163 cm), and Montenegro (161 cm).

Laos (159 cm), Timor-Leste (160 cm), Papua New Guinea (161 cm), and the Solomon Islands had the least average height for men, according to the survey (162 cm).

Bangladesh (150 cm), Timor-Leste (150 cm), Guatemala (150.9), and Nepal (150 cm) were the women's equivalents (151 cm)

Some countries are still becoming taller. In recent decades, China has had the biggest height gain for boys and the third largest for girls, while South Korea has had the third largest growth rate for boys and the second largest for girls.

The study found that social, dietary, and environmental factors at home, school, and in the community all have a role in children's healthy growth and development from childhood through adolescence.

It also advised countries to invest in children's and adolescents' nutrition in order to promote a healthy transition to adulthood.

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