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PRAYER: Father, Grant Me Wisdom And An Open Mind To Embrace The Truth

"But they worship me in vain, preaching men's commandments as doctrines" (Matt 15:9)

False teaching has become common among today's preachers, particularly those who use social media platforms. Worse, many of them are getting a large following because the few people who know and hold the truth are media averse. However, it is critical that the church rises to address each of the connected issues, as the majority of those swept away by these demonic doctrines are young people who spend the majority of their time on social media. If we do not challenge incorrect doctrines, the future of our Pentecostal heritage is jeopardized.

We know there will be false teachers after reading today's text, but how can we tell the true ones from the fakes? Take into account the following:

1. Is the message from the Bible or from self-help books?

2. Is the message of Jesus Christ or human philosophies the substance of the message?

3. How will the message affect you - as a free person or as a slave to them?

4. What kind of people does the word produce: genuine believers or imposters? 5. Is it our conscience or our felt needs that the message appeals to?

6. Does the message produce fruits of the Spirit or works of the flesh in people's lives?

7. Does the message lead you to salvation or damnation in the end?

A gospel that isn't shared isn't a gospel at all.

CONTROLLING THOUGHT: Cling to the truth, which has the power to preserve your soul, and reject untruth, no matter how impressive its claims are.

PRAYER: Father, grant me wisdom and an open mind to embrace the truth and reject the lies. Amen.Say the above prayer with Faith, hope and trust in the lord and wait for him. Remember, Prayer is a way to communicate with the Lord.

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