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Ancestors choose our own path

Ancestors will always choose I have lost trust in my powers, I have been feeling like I can't go on anymore. The lack of my inner connection have left me so lost in spiritual life. Today I have been asking myself lots of questions about my life.

 People are prospering in life while some of us seems as if we are born to suffer. I have been feeling empty lately. I can't remember when was the last time I felt so lost, I have never imagined myself giving up so easily. 

But today I realized something that life is what we give, I have lost touch with my spirits because I have stopped believing in myself. I forgot that I have the power to change my life, whatever I want I can manifest as long as I believe.

 In life is easier to help others but very difficult to give ourselves the very same advice we give others. When life gets tough always remember how far you come. Giving up is a choice. We choose our own path.

If my ancestors asked me now to choose between my calling and a good life, I know I will choose my calling because that's is where my passion lies. Helping others frees my soul. 

Now I know what I really want with my life. 

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