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Number of white spiritual healers is growing

Who said only black people can become traditional healer. Even whites they become popular and starting to accept their calling.and becomes traditional healers.They also humans only colour but we go through the same hardships that we faced every day.

While Christian Africans reject their African Spirituality and Ancestral beliefs in South Africa.number of white spiritual practitioners, also known as traditional healers or spiritual healers is growing.

Divination of the dead has been practiced from ancient times around the world , hence it is there in the Bible prohibited by one only God.

so many verses , it does not matter how you practice it , it’s not African it was and still being practiced around the world.

some call themselves Shamans, they just practice it different, and to those who do their punishment is written down.thus says the Lord God of the Whole Earth and Heaven.

Which shows that Africans don't believe in themselves but believe in everything they were told by their colonizers.

I welcome white people to join African spirituality beliefs because black people are rejecting their own rich and powerful spirituality heritage. That enabled them to be a medium between the dead (our ancestors) and the living spiritually.our nations must start to recognize whites traditional healers because they go through the same initiation schools as us.

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