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A strange pillar of fire appeared and capture live on camera as this pastor was preaching

To those of us who read the Bible, we know that the Bible says, "for our God is a consuming fire. You know there is nothing that is mentioned in the Bible many times like fire. God likes fire, where there is no fire the demons do as they please, that is why even in our prayers we make sure that we mention fire.

The fire of God is very vital, fire can be used for quite number of things. It can be used as a vinegar on the meat. If you don't have a refrigerator, and you want to keep your meat from getting rotten, you just roast it a bit with a fire, and they put it away. Which means the fire is used to keep corruption away from the things that should stay fresh.

Fire is used as a light, where there is a fire there is light. This is why God is also referred to as "light". Where the "light" appears, darkness disappears. So fire produces light.

We know the verse in the Book of Acts 28, where the Apostle Paul was in the island of Malta. There we are told by the Bible that, they were seated around the fire to keep themselves warm, since they had an accident in the sea. A viper came out and fastened itself to the hand of Paul. The Bible says, and the Apostle Paul shook the viper into the fire.

Fire reveals the hidden things, whether they are to harm you, or to bless you. Fire will make you discover, like in this in this instance the viper was inside the wood. Everybody have not seen it, they were just seeing the wood that they are going to use to make fire, but the vipers was inside.

When the fire started burning, and when it was hot, the heat of the fire made the viper to come out of the wood. It reveals itself by fire. Fire blows out the enemy out of their cover. Fire blows the cover of the enemy. It disturbs the undercover operation plans of the enemy, that is why when we pray we call "fire".

So when God appears in this change this way, it is an assurance that there is more than His presence in their midst. It is an Assurance that He has a surprise visit for His people.

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