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Warning, whenever someone burns impepho at home good and bad ancestors will be available (opinion)

Ancestors are deceased individuals. We bury the body at a funeral, but the spirit lives on.

When a family or individual faces a series of challenges, our tradition requires them to placate the amadlozi.

Impepho is where ancestors are summoned during times of fire; unfortunately, there are both good and malevolent ancestors.

It is necessary to convert bad ancestors who reside close to good ancestors, which is why it is critical to purify the ancestors.

According to a sangoma Mr mavuka, whenever there is someone at home who is burning impepho.

He has gathered all of his forefathers and moms in one place. Between evil and good ancestors, keep in mind that no rite requires the presence of bad ancestors.

They are there to demolish all you're striving to build, as your ritual will fail.

When you burn impepho and do not desire to include the wicked forefathers.

Prior to burning impepho, take maize meal and pour it in a circle around it. After then, impepho can be burned.

This indicates to amadlozi that you require only decent ancestors; state this before saying anything further.

You require only kind ancestors to bring you happiness and sunshine in your life.

Source Mr mavuka sangoma from Soweto

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