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Musa Mseleku Seat On Hot Seat After Mzansi Spotted This Smallest Details About Him. See Here

Musa Mseleku Seat On Hot Seat After Mzansi Spotted This Smallest Details About Him

Mzansi has been following #UthandoNesthembu more special his behavior. In his family more special to his wife's there's no unity. We saw it today that the family is letting us into their home without knowledge of what is really happening inside.

You can be on your death bed that guy will still want a cooked meal. MaNgwabe is not feeling well and Musa expect her to make food for him. The problem here is Musa we can confirmed that. It's gunny how MaKhumalo just mentioned that Mseleku sometimes cook or eats fruits when she is busy but uMagwabe should do and perform her miracles when he can clearly see she is sick.

Ine thing that he should understand and is to focus on his wife. Since his wife is sick, instead of cooking for her, want her to cook or his going to the next door to eat and come back to sleep. Imagine being sick and in bed, and a grown person asking you what he’s going to have for supper. Much as I don’t agree with her attitude in this scene but MaNgwabe is. She’s sick and can’t cook, so her man must go get food and nurse her and stay with her! Not go to another home during my time and laugh and eat then come back fulfilled.

The other problem is that Mseleku communicates his issues with MaCele but he cannot do the same with the other wives he expects MaCele to do his duties by helping him communicate to his other wives which is wrong. There is so many reasons why his wife's could celebrate whe his not around.

MaNgwabe is giving vibes that she doesn't wanna be here anymore. Mangwabe low-key has an ongoing beef with her husband there's just that thing that eats her up inside in regards to Musa.


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