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A Sangoma Say he warns a pastor about taking Umuti to use in the house of God

A Sangoma who says he believe in God and he said that he trust God because everything was created by God even the trees they use to make traditional herbs was created by God .

A Sangoma says one of the famous pastor who he refuse to mention the name of the pastor he says he warn him by taking traditional herbs to use in the house of the lord in order to get more money from the congregation.

A Sangomas who is believed in his ancestos and he once a Christian said that he was called by his ancestors to worked for them ,He always tells people who are Christians that he was a born again Christian and God uses him but because his ancestors was troubled him it's where he decided to follow his calling.

This man says God is alive just that in the presence of the Lord we should wait patiently because everything for God is permanent but for them they perform magic that's why people see as if God's things take slow but things from God are permanent and perfect because God is perfect.

He told people that he do believe that God is alive and God do miracles in people's but if you in Christ you should wait for God's things because God's things always permanent.

The Sangomas said he help people who comes to consult but when comes to the pastor they usually hide their identity and their profile but because they able to see who really they are.

The Sangoma says the pastor was caught up by performing those rituals and the congregation decided to leave his church because he was fooling them by telling them not to Visit their ancestors while he performed traditional things inside the church because of the love of money.

The Sangomas said that Pastors and prophet should stop fooling people because God sees everywhere that is why today we see many false prophets and pastors it's because God is able to see the unseen things and ended up exposing Them.

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