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I have met God says the I have met God says the South African man as he explains his experience.

People have different beliefs and they somehow work for them , in the African culture people believe in ancestors and they do communicate with them believing they have the power to help them through whatever challenges they are facing , that's very much how complex the issue of belief is , because in common when people sense if die we hurry them they decay and their time on earth is over but somehow others believe the dead can help them in real life , especially in the African culture they believe in ancestors and it works for them , and there is saying that says " your beliefs becomes your reality "

Meet Coleman a South African man who claim to have met God , as the bible say God is not human but he is spirit and through the power of his spirit in us we believe in him and we get to know him , God changed my life transformed life I used to have fear , scared of useless things until I met God now i know no human can touch me and no Juju or witch craft can work on me because God lives in me and is within me , and through his spirit i see how he saved me and transformed my life now I have no fear at all I don't fear anything I know that God will always protect me and I have nothing to fear in him I trust he said .

The only way you can know God is through the power of his spirit, God is not human so we don't meet him and shake hands in a human form , but by the power of his spirit we know that he lives he exist and he is our guard and armour and therefore we have nothing to fear , because he is the beginning and the end the alpha and omega through his only begotten son Jesus Christ our sins are forgiven and we are saved he added.

I know many people misunderstood me when I say i met God, we all live like lost souls until we meet God and that's when we are born again and become Christians, and so I i was a lost soul until i met God and he transformed my life in many ways , i believe in God and through son Jesus Christ i am saved and so I am forever grateful, I hope the rest of the world receives his favour as I did , don't expect to meet God in human form but the things and events that occurs in your life through his spirit you can see his power.

God is good all the time so turn to God so you can find his favour while there is still time now it's the right time don't wait for when it's too late , these are the end of times revealed in the book of Revelations so be on your guard , i dont believe in these fake prophets all-around the world there is only one mediater between me and God and is Jesus Christ he is the one i need and i go straight to him with my problems I don't need these fake prophets who are after money but the the spirit of God of spirit is within you , ans you will be able notice the fake prophets and the work of the devil through the power of his spirit in you he added as he shared his testimony on Instagram


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