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End Of Times:Bishop Pope Tsietsi Commands Congregants To Drink Alcohol During Church Service

Seriously we are in trouble judgement days are here. Those who find this act acceptable need to understand God first and his will, this has nothing to do with Christianity nor Christians but the level of disrespect for our creator. 

People know the difference between good and bad and values, now erespective of our past pain we experienced from other congregants or Ministers of the Word of God, we owe to God to choose to do what is good, this is simply our "moral responsibility", we don't become worse, choose to become Lesbian out of hurts, or close our hearts towards God because we struggled for too long to get opportunities. These painful circumstances are ones from which inocent people are changed to visious monsters! I'm sorry to those people harboring this unhuman acts, used by devils of this world. The holy God alone is the only one people must focused on not people or church buildings.

#God's grace still saves. .

Gabola Churh is based in a tavern in Evaton in southern Johannesburg and is lead by Bishop Pope Tsietsi Makiti .

The church gained popularity after it declared itself as the first in the country where patrons were expected to drink alcohol during a service. At times, church services were held in taverns or shebeens.

At Gabola church you congregants are allowed to bring the liquor of their choice , and the pastor will bless the liquor so that it will not be poisonous to your body

He said the idea behind his church was to create an environment where consumers of alcohol who are condemned by mainstream churches could find a home.

The love of money is the root of all evil.Nowadays christianity has bought to shame by today's so called self proclaimed pastors and prophets.

We have a lot of fake pastors in this era,but the Bible warned us to be careful with them, also to be knowing them by their fruits which is the gospel and how it is preached 

Ladies and gentlemen I have taken keen interest in learning about pastors 

We also have more self proclaimed men of God who have took it far from commanding their congregants to eat snakes ,grass,drinking petrol,spraying doom,kissing congregants, commanding them to take off their pants and wave them and recently we have learnt about a pastor who was shaving congregants private parts.

The word of God say there's no father who give his son snake when he ask food.

These selfself-styled prophets, instead of feeding their followers with snakes, why don't they change snakes into groceries . The blame can't be solely put to the so called pastors only but to the congregants too. A normal person can't be extremist such that they believe grass, snakes, rats and petrol could have a different taste.

We are told not to judge before we are judged but their prophetic ways doesn't relate to the kingdom of God.aren't the true men of God .Why do I say so? they usually mislead people about life and salvation.All they talk about is just money .

The sad part of this is that women are in a frontline defending false pastors and prophets.

Father protect us from fake pastors that use our faith to better themselves.

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