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If I can use my one hand and type thank you Jesus what stops you. Let's show appreciation to God

Just this morning, one hand lady shared a beautiful message to us about appreciation towards our heavenly father.


Just this beautiful morning of Sunday, the beautiful lady tells people to show appreciation to Jesus for blessing them with two hands, all she asked was one minute from people to just say thank you, Jesus. People were touched by her message and started typing thank you, Jesus.

people don't appreciate what they have, they don't even acknowledge what they have until they lose it. You may find a situation where someone saying some words that show unappreciated of what God blessed them.

Facebook comments:

Some of the mistakes people do and don't notice are when they ask god why, saying why to god is a big disrespectful word someone should avoid. Find someone busy saying why me God, why that happens to me. Saying such a word to God shows disrespect because once you start saying why me God, that means you question God's decision. And once you question God's decisions which means somehow you think God has made mistake.

We must start should appreciating to god for what we have, complaining about what you have shown how ungrateful you are. Before you start complaining about your life, just take a look at people those leave on the street, people those don't have eyes, mentally disturbed, disable people, take a look people those were born orphan, ask yourself if you're that bad. Some of us don't have both hands but still, we don't complain to god but thank him for the beautiful life.

We are now facing a serious problem in our world, there is this global pandemic of the covid-19 virus. All we need to do now is to gather as the whole world and speak the word of God. Our God will never abandon us if we call his name and leave our sins. God says he will hear our prayers while he is in heaven and heal our world.

May almighty God, bless everyone and heal our country. Please just take one minute of your time and show appreciation to god, it won't cost you a cent but just a second to say thank you, Jesus. Don't forget to share and like, Amen.

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