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Ask Your Pastor Why Haven't He Taught You About This Verse (see what it says)

Although almost all the church buildings we have today has constantly been that one place where human beings specifically the youths are to be guided and provided with the proper paths to partake in life on order to grow up to be successful and disciplined parents and individuals, It's very painful to see that most of our modern church leaders are now turning those churches into some sort of movements wereby they be drawing money from rich/poor believers who are thirsty for the word of God. And now the saddest part of all this is that,While they are on all this they be turning their backs on some of the most necessary scriptures in the book like this one in the picture attached below.Take a look at this.

If you should go to many churches nowadays most of the stuff which is always being said to the youths it is that which has something to do with them being drawn to the churches with their friends at the same time as this of them playing their lives is no longer covered. What typically receives included is this of them having to buy positive annoyed merchandise in the church whilst they are not being counseled to revel in their adolescence days because it comes as soon as and one might not get it again.

As a formative years analyzing this if your pastor have by no means stated a aspect about this verse do see to it that you ask him why, please motive being if you don't do certain matters in your youthful days that would possibly seize up with you in your maturity days.

Take a seem at what the script once again and do tell me what's your take on it being left out in many churches. 

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