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3 Months Pastor may be laid in a funeral home in Fourways JHB, family hopes for a miracle: Opinion

We don't have to mock their faith, if they still believe that the pastor is going to rise from the dead. Even if the pastor is not going to rise, I do think that atleast they have tried, even if they were not acquainted with the will of God because sometimes pain clouds our sense of hearing from God, our sense of seeing what God wants, our sense of perception, our believing the right way. We can't decern whether this is time or not. Our sense of decernment dies.

People respond to pain differently, especially the pain of loosing the beloved one. When a person is in pain and at the end of the day, you realize that people are believing, not because they are believers, but they are believing pushed by their pain. Logic dies because of pain. So it could be the issue with the family of the man of God. It is not easy for them to accept that the man of God has gone to be with the Lord. three months, Pastor Siva Moodley's body has been lying in a funeral home in Fourways, Gauteng, because his family is praying for his resurrection.

Is he going to resurrect?

Maybe they are looking at the big church that the man of God used to have, and there is possibilities that he has left big responsibility behind, I mean in terms of the kingdom of God. Sometimes when they are looking at these things, they really feel like God is not fair, that this is the time where the church of God needs revival, this is the time where the generals of God are needed, especially with the pandemic that we are facing. We need more prayers that we can get. The world is in trouble, but then the same man of God are leaving. If God is allowing them to leave, maybe he is trying to protect them from the brutality of this world that is to come. I believe that today's pandemic is just the beginning of many to come, and people in the world are still going to see what the Bible has prophesied. So maybe those that are leaving they have been loved by God not to see the pain, or the trouble that this world would experience.

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