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PRAYER: Lord, Give Me The Grace To Do Good To People

The word "Good" denotes something that is constructive. Everyone yearns for something positive. Decent things are necessary for people, including good homes, employment, kids, business relationships, and the list goes on. On the other hand, as humans, we rarely show kindness to others unless we stand to gain from it.

The Good Samaritan story is about a man who helped a fellow human being even though other people were unwilling to. Observe that the two people who passed the beaten man after he was attacked by armed robbers on the road were respected members of the community for their religious beliefs. The first was a priest, the second a Levite. It required a Samaritan to rescue the man, pay for his medical care and accommodation, and complete all the good deeds to help the man get back on his feet because neither of them would do a good deed even when given the chance to do so when someone's life was at stake.

Giving to others and receiving nice deeds are reciprocal. It genuinely makes you feel happy and joyful within when you help others. There are a number of persons for whom we must perform good things. They include the persona in our residences, places of worship, workplaces, IDP camps, prisons, hospitals, and orphanages, among other locations: Financial aid, words of wisdom, prayers, and other kind deeds are examples of such good deeds. Continue to be kind to everyone you can. Continue your excellent deeds. God will be pleased with you when you are kind to others because you are reflecting Christ. This is a call to remind us of the church's responsibility to care for the less fortunate. The church should go above and beyond what it is already doing to reflect Christ.

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