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Husband and wife relationship

2 Biblical Questions That Are Difficult for Most Christians to Answer.

There are two other biblical questions that are difficult for most Christians to answer. These two questions are problematic. Well, one of these questions applies to all of us, while the other concerns all married couples. These questions have brought up other discussions considering that we should listen without complaining. Therefore, as we continue our discussion, I will give you my opinion on these issues, and in the end, you can agree with me why I said this. Without intervention, the two questions are:

 1. The Bible tells us to obey our parents. Should We Do whatever They asks of us, even though it is wrong?

 This is one of the most difficult questions for many Christians to answer. We are told not to lie, and we are told to obey our parents. So should we do whatever he says, even if it is wrong? My opinion on this is that we should not listen to our parents about bad things. If you look at that command, you will see that we were told to obey our parents only in the LORD. This means that anything, or any instruction outside of the LORD must not be followed. Of course, we all know that he who is in the LORD cannot lie, not steal, never return evil, and cannot do anything contrary to God's guidance. Therefore, if you are given instructions that are contrary to God's laws, please, I do not think you should follow. This is just my opinion. You can tell me what you think in the comments section.

 2. The Bible says that a wife is to be in subjection to her husband, so she should act accordingly.

 Another question that poses a challenge for some married Christians (especially women). Women should obey, but should they obey? My opinion on this is that he should not submit to everything. You must submit not only the good things, but also the things that honor the name of the LORD. Remember this is a human race. At the Day of Judgment, no one will be able to stand up for you. It's you and God. And on that day, everything you did on earth will be revealed. If you lie because your husband told you to lie, it is revealed, and you will receive the reward, good or bad season. Also, if you have done anything wrong, good or bad, because your husband has told you, you will also receive a reward in good times or bad. Therefore, in order to be safe, please do not do anything wrong. No matter who tells you to do it, just ignore it and don't do it. By the way, no God-fearing man can tell his wife to do anything wrong. This is because they may want to follow the law that says "Love Your Wife". And any man who loves his wife does not allow her to go to hell.

 This is just my opinion. You can share yours in the comments section. Also, don't forget to like, share, and follow additional tips.

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