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I Know You Lost Your Loved One, But It Is Well, You Shall Surely Heal

The day you eat of the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, you shall surely die. God did not hide anything from us but he told us up front for us to know the outcome of our decisions.

I know maybe you have just buried your loved ones your wounds are still fresh, but it is well. Remember He is in control and He will never leave us alone, but he took time writing the whole Bible preparing our minds for times like this.

It is hard and difficult, but I want to tell you it is well. I remember in a day Job lost his sons, his wealth, but what I like about this man, he did not curse the Almighty God, but he said, God gave me but today he has taken. It’s hard but even through your pains don't doubt him, but give him praise and glory, because it is well.

King David lost his son and he cried sorrowfully and bitterly, but he never cursed God because he knew one day he will lose his loved ones. I have gone through it also is the child of each and every family and no house is safe from death, but all is well.

Eli when he lost his two sons in a day, he tore his clothes, and fell to his death, that was how hurt he was, but I am here to tell you it is well. You have some one in a hospital, and he might not wake up from that comma, but remember it is well. Our God is the Almighty God and he will do as he please, and who can stand toe to toe with him.

Heal, believe me it shall be well, and I know you will never forget, but you shall surely heal, and remember it is well. There are no words to heal your torn heart, but through the fire you are going through, it is well.

Father, you visited this family and took their loved ones. I pray, that you remember your own words you said, you will never leave them alone, but you will be with them to comfort them. All I ask from you, remember them.

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Lord Jesus Christ is God



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