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Opinion: Importance of knowing your spiritual gift

Guys if you have spiritual gift you are in trouble I tell you the truth....

Spiritual gift it's like ancestors but it's your family members who passed on that live in you.Those who Where praying and living a Holy life while on earth..

This Spirit is a problem guy's because this people are very disciplined people. They are Holy and Clean when you go with them you are needed to continue their legacy..

Now if you have this Spirit things are more likely to be hard on you.. Relationships, Jobs , Social life things will be bad for you..

At times you Will say you are being bewitched.because its your ancestors no . It's this people you are going with. You need to accept Who you are and accept that your life will not be like your friends colleagues.. the Sooner you do that the better for you..

This Spirit is the Spirit of truth it searches the mind and the heart of a person. You need to be faithful and true for your things to go well.. you won't fool them..

This Spirit is like foreign spirit is a Dangerous spirit it needs your Full attention and time. This people need you to pray alot and focus more on them.. and do what they did..

So if you find that you not inline with them you are in trouble.spirits not a joke guy's it's very hard guy's you won't fool or Rob it..

The reason why you are not propheting right now it's because you not yet where they want you to be. You not disciplined enough u don't pray enough and you not living a Holy life..

Kanti isthunwa.focus guy's give your people their attention and time..

Pray alot fast Nd live a Holy life. Accept that you are different and you will see true power...

With Great power comes great responsibility.. Isthunwa leso it will train you to be disciplined and live as they want if not u will go to all sangomas Nd Prophet's trying to fix your life but no ur hit by isthunwa.

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