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I Know I Will Walk When Jesus Returns: Meet The Girl Who Hasn’t Walked For 12 Years


I Know I'll Go When Jesus Comes Back: Meet a Girl Who Hasn't Gone For 12 Years

Sometimes it is in the right mood to focus on what we have rather than what we do not have. Buy, sometimes it is better to feel hopeful than to be called a fool rather than to feel hopeless and good.

He met 11-year-old Anita and, unfortunately, was born with a very large tumor. Her mother was unable to visit the hospital during her pregnancy due to poverty and was born at home and not in the hospital.

After several attempts to free her from her poor mother, Anita was born with a large lump and became paralyzed. Her legs were unusual and she could not cry at first like other children.

Later she started to cry and this raised concerns that the baby was born differently. After his family raised money from kind people to support the removal of his tumor.

After surgery that nearly ended his life, he was unable to work and was able to find himself without his or her consent while he was growing up. At age 12 (12), the story is still the same and is always watched by his mother.

Its extraction system does not work and removes and uninstalls without your knowledge. This has caused his community to ignore him and be rejected by his classmates when they play because they say he stinks. 

Anita remains inspired and tells her mother that one day she will leave when Jesus Christ of Nazareth returns from heaven.

Anita did not attend school because of her condition and her faith came only from God. She helps her mother when it comes to washing dishes and the only thing she can do.

Sometimes I also realize that most of the time, life throws stones at us that we can get rid of and we are left powerless to defend ourselves.

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