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OPINION : Our minds are being Brainlocked


"I do not perform rituals but I'm an African".

How so?

Rituals are the common acts or cults or habitual tasks that we execute for Divine purposes. Rituals may be executed by Christians for their own spiritual fulfilments or by Muslims for their own or by Hindus or by Bantus/

Africans of different cultures for their own spiritual fulfilments. But at most we are all ritualistic.

When you get married you perform a ritual, for burials you perform rituals, for Thanksgiving or sermons or Passover you perform rituals. For baptism as well.

But a colonised mind of African child thinks a ritual is only for Africans when they honour their ancestors with offerings, dance, music and so on. These Africans would invite Christian or Islamic priests with a bible or Quran either for a wedding or burial then what the priest does is not a ritual to him. He sees only a ritual in the African ancestral ceremonies. He would rather perform Western or Asian rituals than in his African culture.

He doesn't associate eating a cake after wedding with ritual, he doesn't associate baptism of his child as ritual, he doesn't associate burial of his loved ones in the name of Father, Son & Holly Spirit as ritual - simply because it is western culture and not his own. He will go as far as having two weddings to show his neighborhood that he knows the western or African styles.

Rituals are rituals either Western or Asian or African, and we are all ritualistic. If you are not why can't you just throw your dead mother or father in a hole after she died? Or why do you get married in that ancient order? Why can't you just live like a dog and don't get married? It defies human order - unUbuntu.

Love your ancestry rituals. It's African culture.

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BY Alupheli

Content created and supplied by: Alupheli. (via Opera News )

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