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Well known prophet tells people to use URINE for this reason, read what

Prophet Rha is becoming very popular on social media and he's getting as many followers as his wisdom could spread.

He's been giving warnings to people about things that are yet to happen and he's even spoken of the war happening in Gqeberha between Somalian's and South Africans and he shed the light on what's supposed to happen or to be done.

He continued to say, if the government doesn't do anything about the war, many foreign nationals will force their way into the country and there will be chaos.

He also spoke of the new coming virus which will be severe and those who took jabs will be expected to take them again.

Now he's giving people an advice on how to take care of their health.

" I don't know who needs to hear this, you are not your disease. Get yourself a black seed oil or practice urine therapy and cure yourself. Don't waste time replying how to get this, your smartphone can google there's a reason why they made internet", he wrote

People began to ask questions and thank him for his advices and words of wisdom.

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