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The following pics if you have them, for some reasons you are susceptible to idol worship: Opinion

You know we have been warned about these pictures for quite a long time that, these pictures are not the Lord Jesus.

You find this pictures in some churches, especially the Roman Catholic. I have also seen these pictures in prophet TB Joshua's church, the Synagogue Church Of All Nation. I wouldn't blame most of the men of God to put such kind of portraits in their churches, it is out of ignorance.

If you look at most of our ancient Pentecostal churches, you may realise that we have a touch of Catholicism. Isn't it that Roman Catholic is the mother of all Christian religion. It is the people that came out of Roman Catholic through the illumination of the Holy Spirit that started the Pentecostal movements.

It wouldn't be such a surprise to see a bit of Catholicism in Pentecostal movements. If you check the sitting arrangement, the design of our church buildings, the pulpits and colours of decoration. You will realise that they make exactly the colours of Catholicism, so most men of God that have not done their research on these pictures accordingly, they just take them and assume that they represent the Lord Jesus, but many of these pictures actually misrepresent the Lord Jesus.

It is any illusion and the deception of the devil. The Lord never looked like any of these, you may even realise that the people that have painted them know nothing about Jesus Christ. They know nothing about Christianity or believing in him.

The people that have painted this pictures maybe the greatest enemies of a believers or of Christianity as a religion. So people need to be careful not to subscribe to this lie of the devil, otherwise we may end up worshipping Idols unaware.

The following pictures if you have them, for some reasons you are susceptible to idol worship or even prayed before them. Some grew up thinking the pictures are the images of Jesus Christ, but funny enough they don’t even look alike how numb.

Facts about the pictures:

Hired homosexual painters, painted the ascension masters. 

Biblical Facts:

We don’t worship Jesus graphical or symbolism, that kind of worship belongs to pagans for they use symbolize, but for us true believers we believe in our heart, blessed is who has not seen but yet believe. 

Exodus 20:4 “You shall not make for yourself a carved image or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above or that is on the earth beneath or that is in the water below.

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