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Trusted Prophet Claims Jesus is Satan Himself and That's Why We Seeing Alot Of Human Trafficking

Prophets and predictions are something that we have grown accustomed to in this world, particularly because they have existed for centuries in a variety of cultures and rituals, as well as in the Christian Bible.

Because we have various types of prophets, African spirituality, particularly prophesies, is a widespread occurrence. Traditional healers are individuals who are identified as such. These are the ones who can interact with the souls of people who have passed away and connect you with your ancestors. We have prophets who use religion and the name of God to foretell.

These are the ones who provide communication from a higher power to someone seeking direction or healing. There are those who call themselves mediums or psychics. These folks can read the palms of people's hands and connect with them.


And there are plenty more. These individuals can be classified as prophets, but they are of diverse types. They all do the same thing: they offer direction, healing, hope, and answers when they're required.

And when it comes to our worship, we know that we glorify God and his son Jesus, and that we invoke his name whenever we pray, whenever we wish to cast out evil spirits, whenever we want to acknowledge their existence and strength.

We've been taught about Jesus and his name in a variety of methods and formats, but we've largely learned about him via the Bible, as well as how to pray and invoke his name.

But, according to this well-known prophet, who has garnered notoriety primarily through Twitter, he has said something about Jesus that has shocked many people.

"Jesus is Zeus, Satan, the God of this world. What do you think that wine and blood thing is for? "Drink my blood, eat my flesh, and you will have everlasting life." That's cannibalism, and it's happening, believe it or not. Entertainment, religion, and politics come from him. ZEUS/JESUS

Look at the Draconians? They need blood to sustain themselves in this world. Those are the fallen angels. They fell with Jesus/Zeus, Satan himself, on this planet. Hence the human trafficking that's happening."

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