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Importance knowing the power of three cords


Let your light so shine before men that they may know that the lord has done a great thing in your life. 

These words are from the great Master to whoever believe in God, if you understand the meaning of "Let your light so shine" you will know that it is very important to align yourself to the Power of three. 

It doesn't matter the element(s) you represent, If you are not in alignment with yourself, the You inside of you, you will be walking on this physical plane achieving nothing. 

Click on the hashtag to read about the power of three cord Ritual #thepowerofthreecordritual 

I have seen a graduate with PhD yet has nothing to show for, but I have seen a commoner who has nothing to show for educationally yet ride on horse 🐎. 

Some people are walking corps. Their destinies has been used and their souls are trapped by evil forces, there is nothing they do in life that will ever make meaning, from one problem to another, hatred, bad luck, stagnation, near success syndrome, all the negative things you can ever thing of is what they experience in their lives. 

Often times the problem is water spirit related or spiritual husband or wife. Some times it is what they caused by themselves, unknown to them, maybe the places they went to in search of solution instead of getting solution they add more problems to their lives. 

What the Power of three cord Ritual does is to correct that mistake, that error, that ignorant decisions made by you for yourself and people around you. 

The Ritual is once a year. i advise you get involved. 

Join my group on facebook to know more about yourself and how to go about your spiritual life, the name of the group is CONNECT TO YOUR SPIRITUAL ENERGY search for it on facebook and join.

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