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PRAYER: Lord, Grant Me The Grace To Always Obey Your Instruction

Even in Christian families today, many kids perceive disobedience toward parents as a way of life. They describe their parents as "old school," and as a result, they consider their counsel and direction to be outmoded. The message for today, however, is to re-engage Christian kids with the Bible and their senses. God has a standard for every family's kids. He is aware that if the kids are not raised properly, the family cannot be entirely harmonious.

Children must honor their parents, according to the Bible. This is the first commandment with a promise that God issued through Moses. This indicates that any child who wants to succeed in life and live a long, healthy life must obey and respect their parents. This unquestionable requirement for every child's wellbeing does not apply only to one country.

Everywhere, the Bible reads exactly the same. No country's constitution can alter this. Excessive kid liberty, which is practiced in many locations and by many families, is seriously harming both families and the global community.

Any child, regardless of their society, country, or age, should pause as they consider this message today to consider their own lives. Have they been living in honor of their parents? Do you follow their advice?

Today, confess your sins to God and make amends with your parents. Pray to God for assistance with this service.

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