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Why The Muslims Burry Dead Bodies Immediately After They Die

There are distinct cultures linked with each of the many religions practiced around the world. The Islamic faith has its own set of principles that differ from those of Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

Even while we have a set of ideas that may intersect at times, the belief system is completely different, which has implications for several social elements.

For example, in the Islamic faith, a dead body should be moved as soon as possible, yet in the Christian faith, a body can linger for up to two days. Other religions believe that burying a dead corpse is the most acceptable method to treat a dead body, however Hinduism believes that burning the body is the most proper way to treat a dead body.

In today's essay, we'll look at the Islamic custom of instantly burying the dead and why they do so. Every ceremony related with death and burial is vital to both the living and the dead since death is a route that everyone will walk.

So, why do Muslims bury their dead so soon after they die? A deceased body should have been rushed within 24 hours, according to Muslims, regardless matter who the person was in society. There are a few exceptions to the 24-hour limit, such as if the death was a homicide and the investigation is still ongoing.

So, why do Muslims bury their dead bodies right away? As I previously stated, death is a rite of passage, and every ceremony associated with it has meaning for both the living and the dead. What does this mean in terms of the Muslim 24-hour rule?

Muslims believe that anyone who has died is filthy. Being unclean does not imply that the corpse is filthy, but rather that it indicates the presence of sin. The longer a dead body remains in contact with the living, the more dirty the living become.

There is as little interaction between the living and the dead as possible, which is why even women and children are not permitted to approach a body.

The objective of immediate burial of a deceased body is to keep the living environment clean so that interaction is limited. This was also a prevalent practice in early Judaism, where it was believed that touching a dead body rendered persons ceremonially unclean, and anyone who did so was confined for a period of time until he or she was cleaned.

This concept is what motivates Muslims to bury their dead as soon as possible. What are your thoughts on this Islamic observance? I'd like to hear what you have to say about this article in the comments box below. Don't forget to like and share the video.

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