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Power in the needle.

Covid this , covid that . I have had it with this covid issue. It's high time we accepted it for what it is a catastrophe that shall pass at its own time. It shall come to pass , we shall get through this . A time will come when Covid-19 will a thing of the past. It's unfortunate we are going through this but that's how life is very unpredictable ,real , raw and unfair. Life is also beautiful and amazing. Life is a gift and a curse . No one understands life , life is life . Let's take it for what it is. It is a journey . An opportunity to be here on Earth and play our part. All the people dying during this period of Covid-19 their deaths are not in vain , no it's the tune and nature we find ourselves in . It's the time and season for such to happen. What is meant to be happen in life happens whether we like or not. Death is a part of life. To be alive at this time it's a blessing. With that in mind all shall be well dead or alive it all shall make sense one day. 

Yes it is tough . Most days l feel like crying. I feel like scratching walls. Shouting to my ancestors , whom l really don't know . I feel like saying to God , l can't do this anymore! I can't breathe. A lot is going on but look we are slowly adjusting. The fear of the unknown through understanding what this pandemic is , is slowly fading away. Through the power of vaccines , Covid-19 will be a thing of the past , that's the ammunition against the enemy. So many mutations of this virus , it is a monster. An extraterrestrial force. It threatens to end us!

It shall not! Let's fight back! Claim our freedom! Shun the devil and win this war. Together we are stronger. Together we are unbeatable. Together no weapon formed against shall prosper! I am saying covid-19 you shall return back where you came from and that is nowhere. Like a a fading memory slowly but surely you are dissolving away from my planet.

Global warming at a really swift pace because of you. Covid-19 you are causing problems for my existence please leave us!

Vaccinate! Vaccinate! Vaccinate! That is our barrication against the pandemic. When we defeat the world will be a better and calmer place even the environment shall go back to it's good form because we will take care if it. No more sickness , no more lock downs. We simply embrace the sun and the moon like the good old days , take me back to 2017 before 2019. It's all good though because through the vaccine we have won the war against the pandemic.

Vaccines are the hope the world needs right now.

Vaccines are the electricity we need to keep moving on.

Vaccines are the fuel we need to keep standing.

Vaccines are the bullet proofs against the invisible and evil enemy.

He may have taken many yes , but no more! He has devoured enough souls! It's time we bring him down! Let's claim our planet. Our life , our breath , our synergy. Bring back our sanity. People let's vaccinate for a better tomorrow.

I am no spokes person for anyone. I have no political affiliations. I am no Donald Trump nor Julius Malema . No propaganda . Just my thoughts and heart on this platform.

When you express yourself and give what's inside your heart the world feels better. You see better , you are understood and life is beautiful. Death is never inspirational but life is. Let's choose life. Let's get vaccinated.



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