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The Meaning Of Twabam That Passion Java Normally Uses Is Being Defined On His Yesterday's Post

Yesterday the flamboyant gaffa prophet Passion Java born and raised in Africa Zimbabwe now a legal resident of United States of America posted a picture of himself inside his Bentley car and on his caption he shared a link and said is this true pointing at the link. One thing about Java he knows how to get views and how to promote music on social media.

Prophet Passion Java is one of the richest man of God. One of his followers attest by saying Java truly speaking you have got the money spend it and enjoy your life boss Java, the commentee ends by saying he salutes the prophet.

A man by the name 'Often Mgandane' commented by saying " Did you know that Twaabam is a name for a goddess of riches and long life and that her temple was once in highlands..."


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