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"Telling me Jesus Died for me is an Insult to me and My Intelligence" - Lady says

Religion is that factor that normally directs the belief of a person in the cutting edge world and the two prevalently rehearsed beliefs have changed man's perspectives and responding to specific things. In the African culture today, the old local religion, the Traditional religion has lost its balance in a few places. 

As a lot of the African populace accepts Christianity or Islam, there is as yet a small bunch of other people who loves an extraordinary divinity from that of Christians and Muslims, these are the Traditionalists. 

Tragically a few groups have covered up under the veneer of religion to carry out barbarities, we as a whole should acknowledge anyway that no religion supports such incredible activities. That being said, review that a woman once offered a viral expression that she doesn't owe God anything since she didn't request to be made, this woman is recognized as Ifa Funsho on Twitter. 

Ifa Funsho is a Traditionalist who've consistently upheld the requirement for Africans to get back to their underlying foundations. She made another tweet not many hours prior saying being informed that Jesus passed on for her is an affront to her insight. She composed on Twitter: "Disclosing to me that Jesus passed on for me is an affront to me and my knowledge." 

See people's reactions below:

As an adherent to God, what clarifications do you have to persuade her that there is a whole other world to all we think we know? Don't hesitate to leave your remarks beneath.

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