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Meet the new Mamfundisi of KKC, see who is she

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Apparently it seems like this might be the new beginning of Kwamashu Kingdom Church as we all know that there are rumours that pastor Gwala will get married soon, however many people are asking themselves on who might be that mamfundisi between Mamlambo and Zekhethelo. You will remember that Zekhethelo is now spending most of her time with pastor Gwala hence they recently went for a morning exercise, pastor Gwala seems to be very attracted to Zekhethelo hence he asked her about her relationship with her father Nkunzebomvu MhlongoApparently you will remember that Zekhethelo seems like she has big plans for Kwamashu Kingdom Church and that's why pastor Gwala seems to be attracted to her, but the big question is do you think that the congregation will accept Zekhethelo or Mamlambo as their mamfundisi? Remember that these two were known as prostitutes not to mention Zekhethelo who was also using drugs and she is the daughter of the well known gangster of Kwamashu township. We all know that the pastor can not lead the church without a wife by his sideApparently it seems like people are still wondering on who might be the new mamfundisi for KKC between Mamlambo and Zekhethelo

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