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In my 33 days of prayer and fasting God told me to warn the church, said Bishop Duncan

This is the message that the Archbishop of God Archbishop Duncan-Williams Duncan William has for the congregation. This message is exceptionally vital and vital. The Bible in the Book of Revelation says let him that has an ear, hear what the soul is saying to the Church. 

This message helps me to remember the prophet Ezekiel, where he said, " God disclosed to him that, my shepherds are just searching for that which is fat and butcher, yet they don't search for that which is injured and wrap it, they don't look for that which is lost, they don't reestablish what is broken, they don't take care of that which is eager, they don't recuperate what is wiped out and neither do they convey what is bound. 

He said I will search for Shepherds apparently seeking to win over my affections, Shepherds that will do what my heart needs, in this message from Archbishop Duncan Williams, a message that is intense for the congregation, that the congregation has become a milestone. The congregation has become a commercial center, a place of traders, the congregation has become a spot for style shows, a spot for power a spot for flaunting our vehicles, our garments and our prosperity. It has become a position of battling for Leadership positions. This is the thing that my congregation has become, when they implore I can't hear their supplications any longer. I can just pay attention to few people that are asking in their mysterious spots, that will earnestly look for me. 

The majority of individuals that are committed and in nobility, I'm calling them home in an unexpected way. So no big surprise the congregation today has issues that don't react to supplication, since I'm not intrigued to answer their petitions any longer. It is a result of whar the congregation has become. The petition that they ask as a congregation has become a plague to me. So the congregation needs to return to me, requirements to look for my face. This is the message from Archbishop Duncan-Williams, you can peruse another piece of his message beneath; 

He said to me, " You have mentioned to know and I will advise you. The social occasion you call a congregation is presently not a congregation before my eyes yet a position of tussle for power, position, popularity, division, predominance, incomparability and authority. Numerous Shepherds who should shield the sheep from Lions have become the Lions eating up the very sheep gave into their consideration. The Hearts of individuals are separated against one another and siblings are looking for the destruction of siblings for position and authority. The modify of the congregation has become a boxing ring where Shepherds, Pastors and Deacons/Deaconesses battle each other furiously both with punches and fouls words to turn into the sole survivor and the better than all. Ministers drag ministers in chapel to assume control over my modify for their own advantages. 

The congregation is split between themselves picking pioneers dependent on what they remain to acquire really instead of what they remain to acquire profoundly. Ministers battle Pastors for positions and individuals battle Pastors for ownership of the congregation. 

Brethren who were of a similar overlay currently partition against one another and petition me against one another looking for the ruin of one another from my hands. 

The holy things of the my sanctuary are being utilized for childish purposes and the occultic individuals from the world are currently individuals passing judgment on the holy matters of the congregation in court and taking choices for the congregation to wipe the slate clean, yet my kin wouldn't quit battling themselves. 

The congregation has become a conflict and fight ground where pioneers battle for prevalence and force due over journey for monetary advantages and command over whatever and whoever they need to control. I'm exceptionally harsh with the Church ." 

Presently this is the part that stunned me. He said; "Along these lines, I at this point don't pay attention to their supplications as a congregation, yet I just pay attention to singular petitions from a not many of her individuals who are as yet consuming in want to know me. The petitions from them as a congregation to me has become a horrifying presence before me in light of the fact that the hearts from which the supplications come from are not United, yet loaded up with division and contempt towards each other. 

At the point when they implore me as a congregation requesting for answer for circumstances, I will in general see a gathering of individuals who claim to be together, however in the genuine sense, they are against one another and against me also. They don't petition God for kindness and solidarity, rather they go to me to manage their own siblings and sisters on the grounds that nobody needs to be a subordinate to the next. Everybody needs to be the prevalent and the one acquiring.

Then, at that point let us additionally review what the expression of God says, if my kin who are called by my name, on the off chance that they humble themselves, get some distance from their devilish behavior, look for my face, the censures what is detestable, I will hear them in paradise. I will excuse their wrongdoings and I will recuperate their property. The congregation used to be the a position of answers to the world. The congregation is mistaken together for the world. The world is likewise befuddled in light of the congregation. What the congregation has become doesn't change the world any longer, however the world is occupied with changing the congregation, which implies the force of the congregation is not any more in our networks. May the Lord help us as a Church of God not to simply censure certain things that we don't need. We need really defend God, to change this world to win spirits to his Kingdom. May the Lord help us. 

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