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"If satan never created evil then how did he become evil, man posted

People keep on asking this question, it is not the first time I've had such a dumb question being asked. If the devil didn't create evil then how did he become evil? There's also another question that people like to ask that, when God created everything He said everything was good, then how was the devil evil because he said everything was good?

You must know that the Bible says and the devil became evil in his heart. It is a thing that was created by the heart. It is like most of the time before a person can do a thing, it starts in the mind. Everything starts in the mind.

The mind has got power to create evil, there is creativity that goes on in the mind of a person and when you see a person going to execute something, it was already decided and formed in his or her own mind. So the devil created this thing in his mind, in his subconscious mind, and in his heart that's how he became evil.

Thank you

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