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Lessons To Learn From The Life Of Apostle Paul And His Final Words To The Church

Despite the fact that we live in a world that is constantly hostile to the light and truth of the gospel, Paul continues to encourage us to maintain a firm front and to boldly press forward, guaranteeing that the Lord's Word is freely spoken unadulterated by us so that God's name may be honored.

We are fortunate to have a large number of Christians worldwide, yet many people are yet to hear the wonderful news of Christ's salvation. That is why we must remain constant in prayer and apply strong perseverance so that new doors of opportunity for the gospel to spread unimpeded throughout all nations of the world will be opened.

Paul was so sure that God was working with him that as God opened and closed doors in his ministry, the Holy Spirit ordered proper measures from inside to assess the fulfillment and fruitfulness of the gospel in the lives of believers through his epistles.

We are responsible for today's church crises if we only recognize our enormous duty. If we are to preach a gospel that will change the world, we must first change ourselves. We must be totally consecrated before we can expect others to be consecrated. We should be aware that the gospel not only frees people from sin, but also from Satan's bonds and everything else that prevents us from entering the full reality of God's kingdom.

After Paul was done speaking to the people of Colossians about God's righteous cause, they politely receive the letter he has written to them with great adoration, and they went about making copies and distributing it to friends and neighbors.

As Christians made in Christ's image, we must be passionate about this great cause and fully devoted to spreading the gospel of salvation to those in our communities.

If we desire to win more souls and guide the unsaved, we must speak to them in a pleasant, persuasive, compassionate, and gracious manner. To graciously dominate the hearts of our listeners and to showcase God's purity within them, the song is partially seasoned with salt.

Let us now follow Paul's example and partake in the harvest of the many souls who are languishing in the dark.

Keep a positive attitude and take your own gospel mission extremely seriously. Make every day count for the rest of your life. Take advantage of every opportunity to better yourself and introduce something new into your life. By doing so, you will change the world for the better tomorrow.

When you view life in this light, God will send angels to bless you with all of life's blessings, and you will never go hungry.

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