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Things will get better, it might not seem that way but they will.

One day a man of God, Elisha, wanted to do something nice for a Shunemite woman so he asked his servan "what can we do for her?" The servant answered Elisha and said "she doesn't have a baby" and with that being said Elisha told the woman that next spring she'll be holding her own baby boy. The servant didn't care about the age of the woman, or her status, instead he believed that it would happen hence he suggested it to the man of God. Often we limit God, we doubt His abilities and we doubt even ourselves and forget that the Bible says "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" we accept whatever we receive even if it's small or something we didn't ask for. Our faith must be big, we must be rooted in Christ, and believe that all things are possible with God. He is the ancient of times, the creator of all, and we are His children. We need to stop thinking small now and start beiliving in bigger and greater things. Our God sees us, He knows our pain, even though sometimes we might feel alone and rejected but He is always with us. Hold on, keep holding on, and at the right time the Lord will see you through. He will show up and He will catapult you into higher dimensions.

- Be blessed

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Elisha Shunemite


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