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Prophet Bushiri's Church Is Growing In Malawi

People like Bushiri they will go to jail no matter what. What mostly people should know is that jail belongs to poor people. Rich people can never stay in jail ecspecially in South Africa. Prophet Bushiri was arrested and he got bail. They instructed him that he should not anywhere as he awaits trial. Even after they said he managed to escape. There are people who are crying for their money because he scammed them, all in the name of investment. People should just accept that they lost the battle and move on with their lives.

After he leaving South Africa he was struggling but right now he get back into his feet. There are people who still believes in him even after the allegations against him. There are people who still go after his miracles. There are still people who are you to pay lot of money to see him. There are still people who still believes that he is innocent and it was just a phase it will pass.

Bushiri is up and running and his church is always full just like in South Africa. There are those who are from south Africa who go to him in Malawi. He will never go to jail and that people should just forget about it. There are lot of fake pastors and mostly of those people they first to South Africa ,because they know that people in South Africa love miracles.

People love chasing miracles and instead of believing in themselves they believe in themselves. Believe in God and your ancestors and pray and worship them and things will change in your life. For you to believe in God and ancestors is free you do not have to pay anyone. You have the Power the perform miracles within yourself you just do not believe in yourself.


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