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"The Bible Didn't Say A Christian Should Not Smoke" - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, one of Believers Love World's General Overseers and a well-known Nigerian Teleevangelist, has responded to a series of questions from young people all over the world. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is one of Believers Love World's General Overseers and a well-known Nigerian Teleevangelist.

Hundreds of questions from all around the world have been received to the famous online program "Ask Pastor Chris" in recent months, prompting him to respond to each one.

During one of the episodes, the following question was posed by a young American man who was originally from the United States of America: "Does the Bible have anything to say about smoking cigarettes other than the fact that it is a health hazard and a filthy habit? Is there anything else wrong with smoking cigarettes? Consider the fact that some people smoke because they are feeling under the weather, and that there are other items we consume that are just as bad for our health, such as coffee and other caffeinated beverages."

In the video, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said the following about himself: "For the sake of discovering what the Bible has to say about smoking, I've gone through it multiple times myself. According to the Bible, there is no evidence to substantiate this claim. So, what exactly is the problem with smoking in this scenario? I'm going to tell you about the dangers of smoking right now.

This subject had been posed to me countless times before, and I'd endeavored to prepare an answer in advance of being asked it. Every time there are issues that are not as plain as one might expect, and every time there is no single passage in the Bible that teaches you something specific about that particular circumstance, there is one clear truth we must follow from the Scriptures: Everyone always gets it correctly when I advise them to look at the pattern in the world first, and then to look at the overall idea of the text after that.

Therefore, there are two primary reasons why I advise Christians to abstain from smoking...

For starters, it is often considered a nasty substance by the general public. Almost everyone, including those who use marijuana, considers smoking marijuana to be a filthy habit.

Christian believe that someone who smokes is not truly converted because smoking is considered an unclean practice by Christians. 2.

Regardless, the Bible does not specifically indicate that a Christian should not smoke, but I will read to you from Romans 14:13-14, which states, "A Christian should not smoke." "Please refrain from passing quick judgments on one another's personalities. Alternately, promise not to put any stumbling blocks or impediments in your brother's way. In my opinion, as a follower of the Lord Jesus, nothing in and of itself is filthy; nevertheless, if someone deems something to be filthy, then it is unclean for that individual."

On the surface, cigarettes appear to be innocuous; but, as verses 15 and 16 show out, there is nothing wrong with smoking in general, and cigarettes in particular. "The things you consume have changed your behavior so that you are no longer behaving in a loving manner toward your sibling. You must avoid causing harm to your brother, for whom Christ laid down his life, through the food you consume. What you consider to be outstanding should not be labeled as such by other people."

To put it another way, does smoking signal that one is on his or her way to the underworld? No! The fact that he smokes does not make his life consistent with God's Word; rather, it is because he is engaging in a behavior that is unjustifiable in God's temple and in the company of his brothers and sisters in Christ."

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