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Duty calls for major 1 again.

it is one of those days for the greater prophet Shepperd bushiri together with his wife Mary bushiri, they seem to be having good time in Malawi.

Mary and Shepperd bushiri they are really having a great time after all the charges under their names they still have the great time to walk like free people.

Bushiri and his wife Mary bushiri they have worked hard to get to this level of life they went through all the challenges of the church and life in general to be able to experience the blessing of the life that they have.

Major1 is indeed walking on favour the famous prophet is willing to help people how to learn to walk in favour and the blessings of the Lord.

It is the true spirit of the gospel that keeps him going.

Shepherd bushiri always find something interesting about his life and be thankful for the small things that he can enjoy at the moment he keeps on going for greater things, the sky is the limit for the greater prophet and his family.

It is not easy to be able to live the life of bushiri as it also attracts more enemies he is indeed the true Shepperd of God.

The spirit of Major1 keeps on shining and his still loved call over the world this is another great time for Prophet Shepperd bushiri after the hard time in south Africa.

The case of the greater prophet of fraud and money laundering is still on the process but due to his power and influence it will be impossible to arrest the greater prophet he seems to be connected and untouchable.

It is only by the grace and the mercy of God that he is still not arrested after the greatest escape that he made from south Africa to Malawi.

Major 1 will keep on reaching greater things he might even be back to South Africa bad time goes on it is just a matter of time that the greater prophet will be given the permission by the state of Malawi to move again.


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