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Spiritual gifted person must respect the moon

Many people have been more confused about the moon. so today I took my time out of my watch and post this message for all of you and to take that confusion away.

moon 🌙is a moon 🌙 but to us spiritual people it's just a moon because it has a lot of impact in today I will explain a bit about full moon or a moon...

The reason why they say full moon makes them sick its because during full moon dark forces and light forces reach their full powers.

so if they claim full moon makes them sick its because there are spiritually and physically weak. and unclean some of them have multiple partners.

ancestors don't want that therefore when they have to receive the energy of full moon instead of strengthening them. it weakens them and they end up being sick and blame it to the moon it's not them moon it's them and how weak they are

and when full moon got you off guard it's totally the end of you.

during full moon we switch of all the electronic appliances and ligh on our candles and incense to talk with the ancestors. to block the dark force and release the light force to us.

this is where many will say I have a terrible headache, I have a back pain.I have burning feet, I have a terrible dream, my things are not going well anymore, after full moon.

and one more thing which is also a bad and dangerous thing is that during full moon and it's dark. forces spiritual husbands and wife are being unlocked which was already meant for you and blessing are being blocked . while to others it goes an opposite direction.that's all I have for today.

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